LPP 600

600 J (joules)
Stepless 4.4 f-stop flash variance
Selectable 2 channel output (0~300J, 0~600J)
Modeling lamp selection: DC 12v 50 ~ 100w/s
Recharging time: 1.5 ~ 5.5 sec
F-stop at distance of 1m ISO100, 1/125sec, Ace Reflector RF5003 (Max: 22 8, Min: 5.6 5
LCD display & Retain last setting.
Flash duration (0.5t): 1/2430sec.
Color temperature: 5400 +/- 300K (without glass dome)
Sensitive infrared photocell (Photocell ON/OFF)
Sync code input: Yes
Ready Indication: Yes (Visible and Audible)
Length*Width*Height (mm): 250*100*300/body
Weight (kg): 6.8
Product Code: AD7H01/220v, AD7H11/110v

Optional function:
– Cover Glass Dome (Pyrex) : Transparent & Frost Type(-100 Kelvin Temperature)
– Sensibility of the photocell can be reduced
– Zinc Alloy Stand adaptor: No shifting even with heavy light formers.