Master’s brush

Master’s brush

Left = Front View
Right = Inner View

The Master’s Brush provides
professional imagemakers the ultimate light source in directional control.
This allows more defined shadowing which enhances depth and adds contour.
Designed by Master Photographer Ken Cook, a third generation photography
studio owner with over 50 years of experience, the Master’s Brush takes
out the guesswork by providing self-feathering light — all in a portable
16″ x 22″ Soft Box. The multi-layered front panel, along with
the barn door and a specially designed internal baffle, creates a 2 F-stop
self-feathering differential between the center of the light and the outer
edges. Achieve the lighting patterns created by the Old Masters of photography:
Split, Broad and Short lighting including all variations of Rembrandt
and Butterfly lighting. Purchase the Master’s Brush as a complete assembly
which includes the Westcott Box 1, or the components may be purchased
as a kit. (Patent Pending)

  • Master’s Brush Soft Box: #1090 = $236.80
  • Accessory Kit Only : #1095 = $102.90
  • NEW! Master’s Brush Kit: #1091 = $319.90
    Kit Includes: Master’s Brush Soft Box and an additional 16″
    X 22″ Silver Soft Box

The Westcott Box is rated up to 1000 watts.

*Please note a speed ring is needed for attachment onto your
lighting fixture.

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